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I have known Eran for years and have worked with him on several cases in Las Vegas. He is an outstanding trial lawyer. He is smart, hardworking and honest. He gets great results.

Frank J. Cremen, Attorney at Law

Eran Lagstein is an excellent attorney that has a great reputation within the plaintiffs’ community. He has obtained exceptional results for his clients in disputed liability cases and has the trial experience necessary to take a case all the way. During the time I have known him, Mr. Lagstein has demonstrated that he is an extremely ethical lawyer, whose hard work and innate skill routinely pay dividends by successfully resolving cases for his clients. I would highly recommend him.

Torsten Bassell, Insurance Law Lawyer

Mr. Lagstein is my colleague and friend, and I have had the good fortune of working with him on one case and consulting with him on several others. Eran is diligent, ethical, and extremely intelligent. He will work hard to represent his clients and their interests, while at the same time responding to their individual questions and concerns. Time and time again, I have witnessed his enthusiasm for his cases and his conscientiousness and thoroughness in pursuing a just result for his clients.

Julie A. Mersch, Attorney at Law

Eran one of the sharpest legal minds in the personal injury business. No legal issue or advantage, no argument that may raise the value of the plaintiff’s case gets by him. Those who know him (both clients and lawyers) widely recognize that Eran has an incredible ability to argue logic and common sense to both judges and juries, especially when the morality of a situation is on his side, with a force that ranks him among the best trial lawyers in the business. At the same time, Eran cares a lot about his clients and the challenges they face from the stress of the legal process and their life circumstances, and this is reflected in the feedback I get from people I send his way. I have witnessed Eran spend hours earning the comfort and confidence of clients with cases worth only a few thousand dollars, and that’s the kind of passion and friendship in a lawyer that money cannot buy. This is why Eran wins cases, and why I will keep referring my clients to him. A class act.

Tal K. Wolf, Insurance Law Lawyer

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