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Los Angeles and Nevada Truck Accident Attorney: Truck - Bicycle Accidents

A bicyclist can be severely injured by being hit by a truck. Someone on a bicycle, who is relatively unprotected, is no match for a large truck and they can be pulled under the truck or dragged along for quite some time. If you have been injured on a bicycle from being hit by a truck, contact a Los Angeles and Nevada truck accident attorney today, who will help you fight to win the compensation you will need to recover. Due to the great height that the driver of the truck sits at, they often cannot see bicycles in the road next to them. This fact does not make them less liable, however, since bicyclists are governed by the same laws as any other vehicles on the road.

Why You Should See Los Angeles and Nevada Truck Accident Lawyer If You Have Had A Bicycle Accident With A Truck

You may think that, if you have been hit by a truck while on a bicycle that it is an open and shut case but this is not always the fact. Bicycle plaintiffs lose two out of three cases in California. According to statistics gathered by the highway patrol, in almost two thousand accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles, where the bicyclist was severely or fatally injured, the bicyclist was placed at fault nearly sixty percent of the time. For this reason you need a law firm with experience in personal injury.

Don't Get Bullied Into Settling For Less.

Call the Lagstein Law Firm today. They have represented and protected their clients from being bullied by insurance companies and big corporations into taking low settlements for over a decade. The firm will aggressively act to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and suffering. Don’t settle for less when you may be facing high medical costs and be unable to work because of your injuries.

Contact a Los Angeles and Nevada truck accident lawyer to handle your personal injury case today.

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