Wrongful Death

Los Angeles and Nevada Wrongful Death Attorney

Has your family suffered a wrongful death as the result of a truck accident? Contact a Los Angeles and Nevada truck accident lawyer today to get help in fighting to win compensation for your loss and suffering. A death can be the result of a horrific truck accident. Because of the tremendous size of the trucks on the road today, a car can get pulled under or smashed when a truck jackknifes. If the driver of a truck has been negligent then he is legally liable in the case of a wrongful death.

Wrongful Death Lawyer In Los Angeles and Nevada

Today, many truckers are driving on worn tires and brakes because they simply cannot afford to do routine upkeep on them. If an accident results because of these things or anything else on the truck that should have been maintained, the driver has been negligent and is therefore liable for injuries caused to other motorists. Things that fall off of trucks and strike other cars are also an area of negligence since everything that a truck carries should be securely fastened. Truckers are also negligent if they do not get the proper amount of rest as required by law. Many times they don’t because of pressure to make more deliveries in less time. A death that results from a trucker’s negligence is a wrongful death and you should contact the Lagstein Law Firm who will fight to get you the proper compensation for this loss.

Fighting For Your Due Compensation

In addition to the suffering of losing a loved one, you may also be deprived of any income that that person was bringing in. Don’t get bullied by an insurance company or big corporation into settling for an amount that is not going to begin to compensate for your loss. The law firm understands what a difficult time this is for you and they will deal with this in a sensitive way. At the same time, however, they will fight to get you the proper compensation you need for your loss.

Contact a Los Angeles and Nevada truck accident attorney today to discuss getting the right compensation for your loss.

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