Truck Accident Injuries

Los Angeles and Nevada Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

Truck accident injuries can be among the most horrific for the drivers of the cars that are involved. Because of the large size of the trucks, compared with the cars, the damage can be quite severe. A car can get pulled under a truck or crushed in a rollover. If you have been injured by a truck accident you should contact a Los Angeles and Nevada truck accident attorney today who will help you fight to win the compensation you deserve for your truck accident injuries. Unfortunately the large corporations that govern the trucking industry can often put profit ahead of safety even though there are strict federal regulations regarding this.

When Negligent Truckers Cause Truck Accident Injuries, See Los Angeles and Nevada Truck Accident Lawyer

Negligence on the part of the trucker may take many different forms such as not getting the required rest, taking drugs or medication or failing in routine maintenance on his truck. Many drivers of trucks these days are driving on severely worn tires and brakes because they cannot afford the proper upkeep on these items. Additionally, they are under increasing pressure to make more deliveries in less time and they will often fail to get the required amount of sleep. Any of these factors, as well as others such as drinking on the job not observing the laws of the road, makes the driver of the truck negligent and therefore liable for injuries caused to other motorists.

Don't Get Bullied Into Taking Less By An Insurance Company Or Big Corporation.

The Lagstein Law Firm knows that, all too often, people who are injured get bullied by insurance companies and large corporations into settling for small monetary amounts when they are facing high medical costs from truck accident injuries and possibly loss of wages. Call the Lagstein law firm today because they will fight aggressively for you to get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Los Angeles and Nevada truck accident lawyer today to discuss your track accident injuries.

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