Personal InjuryDishonest Defense Expert Witnesses

November 12, 20130

Every day, in courtrooms across the country, so-called “expert witnesses” for the defense shamelessly lie to juries and attempt to mislead them in personal injury trials. These witnesses misrepresent their credentials and often use “junk science” to deceive juries. Many of these witnesses are people who claim to be “biomechanists.” These witnesses use bogus studies to try to convince juries that a certain person could not have been injured in an auto accident. Other times, these witnesses are physicians who try to supplement their incomes by becoming courtroom doctors. Now, there is nothing wrong with a person supplementing his or her income. But there is something very wrong about a person abusing his or her license and position to deceive juries in trials. As a trial lawyer and the voice of the injured, it is my job to expose these frauds in trial.

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