Wrongful DeathLagstein Law Firm and its Co-Counsel Prevail on Appeal Against the Marriott – Again

October 16, 20130

Two strikes for the Marriott Hotel. Just a few months ago, Lagstein Law Firm prevailed against the Marriott on an appeal in a wrongful death case. A Marriott employee drove while severely intoxicated and killed a young scientist. Lagstein Law Firm appealed the trial court’s dismissal of the case, and won. A landmark, published decision was issued which clarified the scope of an employer’s liability for an auto accident caused by its drunken employee. The Marriott then asked the California Supreme Court to review the appellate decision that it lost. An insurance legal defense association and an insurance defense lawyer also tried to convince the California Supreme Court to grant Marriott’s petition for review. The California Supreme Court denied the petition.

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