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In California thousands of injuries and deaths are caused by drivers who choose to operate a vehicle in a drug impaired state. When the vehicle they are driving is a commercial truck, the weight and size of the truck can cause any injury to a victim to be more severe. Of all accidents involving a semi truck, 98% of them will result in at least one fatality. If you have been injured due to a truck accident involving a suspected drug impaired driver, it’s important to seek legal help immediately. Important evidence, witnesses and documentation may become inaccurate and/or unavailable as time slips by. Contact a Los Angeles and Nevada truck accident attorney from our firm today before any more crucial time passes.

Perhaps it is common knowledge that operating a vehicle under the influence of an illegal drug is against the law, but illegal drugs are not the only drugs that can cause a driver to be impaired. Over the counter drugs and prescription drugs can also prevent a driver from having the ability to drive safely and therefore cause the driver to be considered driving under the influence (DUI). Obtaining the services of an attorney who has extensive experience in truck accident law is of vital importance when you have been in an accident caused by a drug impaired truck driver.

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At Lagstein Law Firm we understand that what you’re going through can be confusing and overwhelming. We offer strong, aggressive legal representation with a constant commitment and immediate response to our clients. With extensive experience in all areas of truck accident injury including head-on accidentsrear-end accidentstired driver accidents and drugs & truck accidents we have the skill and practical litigation experience to bring about the best possible outcome for your legal pursuits.

Contact a Los Angeles and Nevada truck accident lawyer from our firm today. We will immediately go to work for you.

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